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frum WiffyBogg

It's good to a-'musing'

This iz r pigboys in confernse. Ta lissen, ya must hav a browzr able ta undrstand embedded multimedia. Ya mite try downlodin' an updated browzr frum<a href="">Netscape</a> or <a href="">Microsoft</a>.

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Find a direkshun 'n land on it... 2004
'BlogaLooey,'my VirtualMuse
'BlogaLooey' iz ma muse
he sets next to me on tha flor evry day, grunting and grinding hiz teeth

This iz where I unload ma mind on ya. It iz a cumfort ta know ya care enuff to read it, too

I hope ya enjoy yurself.

Ya'll will be meetin' tha neibors 'n tha family I suppoz. Never know what mite cum up next.
BlogaLooey and me will be here almost evry day lernin' ta better serve yur intrests. We r tryin' ta get bedder at this bloggin' so we can get a job 'n see tha world.
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