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Pig Boys

'BlogaLooey,'my VirtualMuse
the VM (VirtualMuse) of nosey neighbor winning web grin "BlogaLooey," came to us in an email from a friend.
This iz r pigboys in confernse. Ta lissen, ya must hav a browzr able ta undrstand embedded multimedia. Ya mite try downlodin' an updated browzr frum<a href="">Netscape</a> or <a href="">Microsoft.</a>

BabaLooey, my heart on a string
the always a-'musing'
RM (RealityMuse) of
the web designer
It's good to a-'musing' my BabaLooey was born in Texas and came to us by air!

To the UNKNOWN Artist

Someone sent me the awesome laughing piggy animation, that I've tagged as 'BlogaLooey,' in an email to my AOL account. I really love him. There was no record of the artist who photographed him or brought him to life. I would really be pleased to learn who they are so that I could credit them with their work....for now...we have this 'In Your Honor' page.
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