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Joe THE Schmoe


…Is a guy from the block who will likely make it big one day. He was voted MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED by his mother in 2004. Like his cousin Billy Ray here ( Courtesy of "Boomer's Funnies"), Joe's outings are becoming more and more frequent and we are lead to believe by reliable sources that:

"Joe will git a job right qwik, I reckon."
"He is tooo one of God's mighty handyworks creatures."

Joe is fortunate to have the family and accomodations he enjoys as a daily routine, enjoys for more of the day than most, we hear. He resides in a lived-in, well aired dwelling with his dog, his pig, his sheep and several other undetermined critters who come and go at will through the day... and the walls.

Joe himself sites his own good fortune in many ways. Why just yesterday I heard him utter a few thankful words under his breath right after the window sill toppled onto the arch of his foot. Barely amiss, he swiftly lifted his arm and grabbed the duct tape from a nearby cardboard box without any hesitation as to WHICH of the many boxes that tool was in. It was downright impressive!

Joe convinced us that we should do well by ourselves to translate his progress through the past year on our site, as his plans were: "ta MOVE this year, into a new room o' tha house 'n maybe even gather a mite of paper 'n a writin' instramint ta begin a Ta-Do list or even ma long cuvuted memwarz." He did, write his memwarz. I think he still writes them... and so we begin the tale.

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